Blood Sampler twilite two

The core of the twilite two system is a very compact measuring head machined from medical grade tungsten, which shields the LYSO crystals from outside radiation and is fully MR compatible. The scintillations are conveyed to the photon detection unit via two flexible high efficieny light guides. This elegant design is without any electronics in the sensor head and thus avoids any potential problems of electromagnetic interference with other devices. Furthermore, this design minimizes any potential risks in human research experiments.

Data acquisition is performed with the dedicated PMOD module PSAMPLE via a TCP/IP interface. 

A touch-screen on the front-panel serves as the user interface, and also displays the current status and measured values.

The twilite two's performance is outstanding. The system shows excellent sensitivity, linearity and signal-to-noise, also in the presence of high external radiation.


Since its introduction, the twilite and twilite two have been installed at sites in Europe, North/South America, Canada, and Asia. In addition to clinical and preclinical PET and PET/CT sites, more and more sites equipped with PET/MR scanners are using the system for the acquisition of arterial input curves.


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